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Calculating and Proposing the Price of Advisory

Help clients understand which advisory services are valuable to them, and work out how much they're prepared to pay.

header_Calculating and Proposing the Price of Advisory


Explore how movements in the financials are simply the result of actions taken, and how you can understand the narrative around that.

In this guide you'll learn

  • How you can seek to sell services the client never knew they could purchase
  • The process of checking in with clients to understand if the scope of work is correct
  • Why advisors are price makers, and not price takers
  • Why advisory services are not commodities

Preview what’s inside

1_Calculating and Proposing the Price of Advisory
2_Calculating and Proposing the Price of Advisory
3_Calculating and Proposing the Price of Advisory


Jason founded Thriveal in 2010 as a way to help entrepreneurial CPA firm owners connect, learn, and grow. Thriveal has helped many small firms grow by providing a community, coaching services, webinars, firm consulting, monthly growth groups, and live events. Jason has also been the CEO and Visionary of his own firm for the past 20 years – BlumerCPAs.com